Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual Reality Tour Instructions

Navigation on the map

On this screen you will see a bird’s eye view of the BIO5 Institute. On this screen select the different location indicators, represented by a red dot, to view in immersive virtual reality. Each location will be a different experience on the tour.

Navigation within a scene

In a scene, the method for viewing different sections of the immersive experience depends on the device that you are using. To look around the scene on a computer click and drag with the mouse within the scene to view additional areas. On a mobile device orientation should be horizontal for the best viewing experience. From there, turn your mobile device in whatever direction you would like to view the scene. You may also drag your finger left, and right to view additional parts of the scene. To exit the scene simply close the tab that has opened, or click the "X" icon in the top right.

Map Navigation Instruction Audio

Download Art Colllection Booklet Here