Experience the BIO5 Institute in Virtual Reality

The BIO5 Institute connects and mobilizes hundreds of world-class plant, animal, and human bioscientists, engineers, physicians, and computational researchers to develop creative solutions for complex health and environmental challenges facing Arizona.

This interdisciplinary approach has resulted in innovative diagnostics and devices, disease prevention strategies, promising new therapies, and improved food crops.

BIO5 initiatives and projects are carefully chosen to align with areas of state and national need. This strategy catalyzes the capacity to expand impact, economic opportunity, and external funding opportunities.

Through virtual reality, the BIO5 Institute invites viewers to experience unique aspects of our building and culture, including the inclusion of art and students in our operational model.

As this project continues to grow, more virtual experiences will be added so viewers can learn about the impactful research being done by BIO5 researchers. Thank you for viewing our immersive virtual reality experience!

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